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on a mission to living life "outdoors" to the fullest...
Welcome to aGreeneLiving...'s to living life and enjoing the outdoors in a natural way!

​​ This website was inspired by family, friends, and friendly strangers who want to share in my discoveries along the Journey through natural living, outdoor exploring and everthing in between!

and Just Who am I...
I am a stay-at-home-homeschooling mom of four amazing little kiddies who keep me on my toes and inspire me to be healthy(ier), happy(ier), and spontaniously adventerous. As well as a wife to a superhero who seems to always know just what needs to be said to keep me moving toward trying new things. In the secret moments that I sneek for myself, I LOVE to WRITE! ....
This site will reflect my personal experiences and challenges as well as all the "facts" that I have found to along the way to back up my thinking and beliefs.
Knowledge is Power...and I have an addiction to learning....and sharing!    ;*) 

...a Little of you will find on

  1. Building Community
    From the rooms in your home, to the corners of your yard, around your neighborhood stretching all the way through town. ....getting connected with a smile!
  2. Fun Posts
    Fun Posts
    A little bit of in-your-face honesty.... ...with a side of sarcasm! Everyday Topics with a fun and entertaining outlook.... love it or hate it!
  3. Healthy Living
    Healthy Living
    Lessons learned and projects taken that have led to ideas and experiences to share... Heart, Mind, Body & Soul.
  4. Crazy Adventures
    Crazy Adventures
    Oh the Places we have been.... ....and desire to Go! Sharing amazing places to visit and our plans to sail around the world!
  5. HomeSchooling
    Because learning at your own pace mixed with fun and exploration.... ROCKS! ..... Find tips, tricks, and fun ways to learn.
But before you go anywhere...let's get this out of the way!
I do not claim to be a doctor or choose to play as one on the internet.
My comments stem from research (as will be noted) and personal experiences. Please use your best judgement when choosing a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family. What might work for some will not always work for others.
Do what is best for you, and feel free to share your thoughts.

I'm not perfect nor may my comments be.  If you should find a fact or statement to be untrue, 
please feel free to bring it to light. If your opinion(s) differ from mine, that's great too!
(keep them to yourself..... no just kidding.... lol)
Don't keep them to yourself, challenge me to prove who's right! :)