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Who ​​

…a family of 6 built over the course of over 25 years of amazing ups, challenging downs and an all around crazy life experienced head on, sometimes with our eyes closed. Anna and Sam met while in middle school and almost instantly there was something pulling them together that managed to keep them to continue finding each through the years. No matter the wedge, they always found themselves intertwined into the same destiny of dreams, goals, and perceptions of life.
After graduating high school Anna went off to start a degree in Biology (a life long passion) and Sam entered the world of diesel mechanics (which he learned from his father). A few years fast forward through good times and bad, through laughs and tears, even in sickness and health… an unexpected blessing arrived (even though Anna was told she might never have children). Alex entered their lives creating a world twirling spin that changed everything. Anna went back to school to become a teacher and soon after that Sam started his own business of engineering and building tractor attachments. Just as things started to get stable into a routine, life once again delivered another blessing when Cloe was born five years after Alex. On goes life with its continuation of challenges and amazing experiences that made them stronger as a family and even larger as Wyatt was born, then followed by Sammie, completing the family household. With their hearts filled, minds bursting with curiosity, and desires that burn and fuel their ambitions, they will continue to chase their dreams of exploring this ever beautiful and challenging world together. For one day (hopefully soon, as within the next year or two) they will sail off into the sunset together towards new places and faces to see and meet….as the journey continues, the storybook shall remain open.


 Anna ~ the main writing contributor.
It all started on the family farm as a little girl… as a passion and curiosity for nature would shape her into the person she has become and will continue to evolve. Who knew that spending time sitting out in the wide open field reading to the family cows would blossom into a life long desire to learn and share all there is to know about nature and how the world works, and then to transform it into words for all to share in the experience.
After high school, she followed her dream in the form of a Biology Major at UCF. Heading straight into the core courses that led to field work and lab hours, she found her place. Until her dream of becoming a biologist was shaken loose and taken by life. But not long after, she found her way into teaching, returned to UCF and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education. Of all the elementary grades, 4th was her favorite. Writing was a major focus in that level of learning and helping to build a passion for playing with words to do your imaginatory bidding became a game everyone liked to play. As life continued to throw road blocks, her life has currently evolved into a home schooling mom of 4 for which all have a creative and adventurous streak….

Sam and the Kids
Well they are just part of the adventure package… but continue to be a source of inspiration, support and objects of interesting topics! (If you have even hung out with toddlers and teenagers, you know just what this means.)


…Why not? Ever taken a chance on the unknown to find the most amazing things you have ever found?
We teach our children to live by the thought that you never know…  #Who you may be standing next to,  #What may be beyond the untraveled path, #Why things happen as they do, and #What might happen if you take the leap of chance….
 ….any one of those simple things could completely change your life forever!  So fight the fear, take the chance, and explore ALL your options. Make new friends, explore new places, ask questions, and never take anything for granted.
So what if curiosity killed the cat, it has nine lives! Right?!.... One down, 7 to go….
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