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on a mission to living life "outdoors" to the fullest...
our Greene Family Adventures... Oh, how we Love to Travel and Explore!
  1. Super Girl Cloe....
    Super Girl Cloe....
  2. Cloud Mountain, GA
    Cloud Mountain, GA
  3. Hiking in Palo Duro, TX
    Hiking in Palo Duro, TX
  4. St. George Island
    St. George Island
  5. Reflecting @ Four Mountain
    Reflecting @ Four Mountain
  6. Riding through the Park...
    Riding through the Park...
  7. Worms... can you dig it!?
    Worms... can you dig it!?
  8. Wyatt in the sand @ Mirimar Beach
    Wyatt in the sand @ Mirimar Beach
  9. Riding on the St. Johns River
    Riding on the St. Johns River
  10. Captivated by the Caynons...
    Captivated by the Caynons...
  11. Sam and Alex
    Sam and Alex
  12. The Circle of Life
    The Circle of Life
We Work...
...all the time! And it's time for Change!...There's always a project to be done, a new investment to be looked into, and then there's the family business (The Rake Shop). At least for now! As Sam Works tirelessly seven days a week at building tractor attachments, Anna stays at home with the kids managing the financial end of the family business, researching new investments opportunities (so that Sam can stay home more), household chores, homeschooling, and whenever she can a moment to write. A young adult book series is in the works, along with a primary grade series, and many many essays that never seem to be finished. As this is all a crazy whirl wind of responsibility, we are looking to down size and reprioritize our sources of income to allow us to do what we love and make money doing it!
For Anna, it's writing… For Sam, he hasn't figured that out yet…
We Learn... much as we can and whenever we can! The great thing about homeschooling is that you can take your learning on the road and tailor it to your needs and desires. Anna taught 4th and 2nd grades in the public school system for a few years until it began to prove an unfit environment for Alex (at the time in 2nd grade). With a learning style unlike the "cookie cutter" system, Alex began to quickly sink below the learning expectations and was shoved to the back of the room. All the faith we (mostly Anna) had in public education vanished and as a family we decided to homeschool our kids (then just Alex and Cloe).

In that experience we learned that the best way to grow your knowledge was to submerse  yourself in the world around you and encourage our interests to peek in the things you never knew existed. Because of our freedom of education, our learning doesn't stop at the textbook. We continue to learn about ourselves, and each other so that we may grow and have the chance to become legacies in our own right as to leave a positive imprint on the world.
We PLAY...
...every chance we get! We love getting out and taking the family on adventures either on the water or on land. Bike trails, hiking paths, river bend's, the coastline, and just offshore Islands are always calling our name (well maybe except for Alex, his XBOX is always calling his....)! Our RV has become our home away from home that enables us to travel to some pretty amazing places.  So far we have traveled from our home in Florida out west to the Grand Canyon (where the kids first experienced snow ~ of all places...) with many stops along the way.

Next on the to-do list is to find a sailboat (which is proving to be really, really hard)  so that we can extend our adventures beyond the coastline into the deep blue horizon of open opportunities.
... forever and always! There's always something new to ponder, discover, and see firsthand. Our long term goal it to revamp our sources of income in order to earn more passively so that  we are may sail away and explore the world. To live a life of simplicity and with a focus on what really matters... To float on the clear blue water out in the middle of nowhere with not a care in the world (other than provisions of course) and to truly enjoy this amazing place called Planet Earth. To sail the wind with dolphins at our bow, to wake up and snorkel with sea turtles, to "take a hike" to a hidden water fall, to regain our natural instincts and connection to nature by unconnecting from the rat race lifestyle and reconnecting with each other. To LIVE in freedom of JUST BEING ALIVE!  Every day we move closer and closer to achieving our goals to making that happen! We will Never stop dreaming as we shall turn them into Reality!
​Thank you for taking the time to read Our Story.... every expanding it may be in the future!